Who is going to win the NBA finals? ESPN’s Zach Lowe compares Golden State Warriors to Miami Heat

With the start of the NBA Finals, you know to expect key stats will determine who comes out on top. Some of these stat predictors in this article are win-loss record, three-point percentage and field goal percentage.

Team Stats

In the

, two teams with contrasting styles will battle it out for a chance to become the league’s champion. The Golden State Warriors are a force of nature, utilizing an inside-out game that relies on speed and versatility to overwhelm their opponents. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers are built on discipline and experience, relying on strong defense and timely shotmaking to win games.

With such radically different playing styles, it’s no surprise that the statistics in this series will be quite different than those of recent Finals matchups. To help predict which team will come out on top, we’ve put together a list of key stats that could define this series.

Warriors vs Cavaliers: Points Per Game
The Golden State Warriors averaged 115.4 points per game in the playoffs, easily outpacing the Cleveland Cavaliers (101.4). This disparity is likely due to the Cavs’ reliance on slow-paced half-court offense, while the Warriors are able to score at will from any position on the court. If Stephen Curry can continue his outrageous shooting performances (41% from 3-point range in the playoffs), or if Klay Thompson can keep up his consistent play from long range, then the

Player Stats

The NBA Finals are set to begin on Thursday, and with two of the best teams in the league facing off, it’s sure to be an exciting series. With that in mind, here are a few player stats that could define the series.

-Kobe Bryant has averaged 37 points per game in the playoffs, and if he can continue that level of play, he’ll be a tough opponent for any team. Russell Westbrook has also been sensational throughout the playoffs, averaging 29 points and 10 assists per game. If either player can keep up their high level of play, it could make all the difference in the series.

-Another key stat to watch will be rebounds. In the playoffs, LeBron James averages 13 rebounds per game while Draymond Green averages 11 rebounds per game. If one team can out rebound their opponent, it could give them an edge in the series.

So with all of that said, don’t miss any of the action as these two teams battle it out to become NBA Champions. Watch for these key stats to help decide the victor!

Outcomes of Recent NBA Finals Games

This year’s NBA Finals have featured two of the best teams in the league, with the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers playing to a 5-game series that ended with the Warriors winning in dramatic fashion. So what can we learn from these past few games? Here are some key stats that could define this series:

-In Game 4, the Warriors outscored Cleveland by 19 points in the 3rd quarter. They went on to win by 17.

-In Game 5, Cleveland had a chance to tie the series up in the final minutes but missed an easy layup, giving Golden State one more chance to win. The Warriors took advantage and won in overtime.

-The margin of victory for each team was very close – both teams won by an average of 3.8 points. This could be a sign that this series will come down to close games.

So far, these stats suggest that this series will be very close – which means that it will come down to key plays and statistics. If you’re betting on any of the playoff teams, make sure to pay attention to these numbers and see which team emerges as the victor!

Predictions for the Finals

The NBA Finals are finally here and with it comes the opportunity to crown a champion. While this year’s matchup is between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, the series could easily be different if certain key stats fall into place. In this preview of the NBA Finals, we take a look at some of these stats that could define the series.

Player Statistics:
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have both averaged over 30 points per game in the playoffs, but can they carry their performances over to the Finals? LeBron James has averaged almost 29 points per game during the playoffs, but he’s been far from perfect – he’s shooting just 37 percent from three-point range. If either team can get past their shooting woes, they’ll have a clear advantage on offense.
On defense, Kawhi Leonard has emerged as one of the top defenders in the league, averaging 2.5 steals per game in the playoffs. He’ll need to continue that level of play if the Spurs want to keep Golden State from scoring at will.
Stats That Could Decide The Series:
Golden State has a decisive edge when it comes to bench production. In total, their

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