A brief history of the Perfect World entertainment

Chi Yeong founded Perfect World Games in 2004, originally as a video game developer. He was the founder of Beijing Hengan Education and Technology in 1996 when he created educational software to teach consumers how to use personal computers. Yeong switched back to developing online multiplayer games after Perfect World Entertainment became listed on the Nasdaq exchange in 2007. In 2008, he launched Perfect World Pictures as a film production

What happened to Perfect World Entertainment?

In 2021, Perfect World Entertainmentwere bought by Embracer Group, which is now the parent company of Gearbox.

Is Perfect World still active?

There are always many players going into the world to try out everything they have to offer. People in-game chat and people at the market district are hustling to make and sell items.

Is Perfect World owned by Tencent?

It has agreed to buy Perfect World Entertainment from China’s Perfect World for $125 million in cash and stock. Under the deal, Embracer will scoop up the publishing side of things, plus Cryptic Studios and its 237 employees. The larger Chinese company will continue operating on its own.

How do you play Perfect World on PC?

Play Perfect World Mobile on PC

1.Download and install Blues tacks on your PC

2.Look for Perfect World Mobile in the search bar

3.Install Perfect World Mobile in your PC

4.Looking for an easy way to install Perfect World Mobile

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