Bollywood finally ready for another blockbuster: Bimbi Sara

Director Malindi Vaishya’s Telugu movie Bimbi Sara is having the time of its life. With a current rating of 7.8 and with several star actors including Allu Arjun and Ram Prothixene talking favorably about the film.

What is the relationship between Bimbi Sara and Ashoka?

Mahavira¬†laid out the foundations of the increased Mauryan Empire that Ashoka inherited, and his faith. Bimbi Sara’s survival also taught Ashoka much on how to deal with other people in order to stay alive

Did Bimbi Sara meet Buddha?

According to the Jain scriptures,¬† Mahavira’s student, and according to Buddhist scriptures, he met Buddha before enlightenment. Buddha promised him that he would visit his capital after he got enlightenment.

Who was the most powerful ruler of Magadha?

Bimbi Sara is considered to be the most powerful ruler of Magadha due to his conquest of the Amga kingdom to the east. His conquests would be considered as they would form the basis for future expansion of the Mauryan Empire. For further reading check the following articles: Prehistoric Age in India.

What is the new name of Magadha?

Magadha was an ancient kingdom located on the Indo-Gangetic plains in eastern India and spread over what is today the modern state of Bihar.

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