What some people think about Magic Johnson's request

What good things did Magic Johnson do?

┬áMagic Johnson’s led the NBA to unprecedented success during his Hall of Fame career, winning 5 championships and 3 MVP awards. He was a 12-time All-Star and a member of the All-NBA First Team for 9 seasons in total. He surpassed Robertson’s career assists record, a mark he later relinquished to John Stockton.

The comparison is not much in Bird’s favor, but Magic is slightly stronger because he was a more versatile player. Bird is known for his shooting aptitude and Magic Johnson’s for his playmaking abilities. It would make sense to say that both players were versatile, yet Johnson had an edge with triple-doubles.

Was Magic Johnson as good as Jordan?

Overall, without Jordan, Magic was not just the better player than Jordan, but also the best teammate as he saved the NBA along with Larry Bird. He redefined the point guard position and transformed it into a new position for point forwards. He was the greatest team player ever and had the best performance of all time. This also means that he dominated this league’s best era where he was league’s most formidable foe with an average in points per game of 27.2 against Hall-of-Famer Jerry West.”

Who is the best basketball team?

Rk Team Record
#1 PHX 64-18
#2 BOS 51-31
#3 MEM 56-26

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