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Best Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Extender

As we spend more time at home, a good WiFi connection is essential for staying connected to the outside world. Anyone who has tried to host a garden party knows how frustrating it can be to not have a reliable WiFi connection outside. A WiFi extension can be useful in this situation. This useful piece of technology can extend your WiFi coverage beyond what your wireless hub/router can offer. There are thousands of these extenders on Amazon, and choosing the best one for your needs can be difficult. So TechEngage combed through Amazon.com’s various options to find the Best Long Range of Outdoor WiFi Extenders.

Top Wifi Extenders with Long Range

  1. 1. TP-Link Omada Indoor/Outdoor  AC1200 Wireless EAP225-Outdoor Gigabit  Access Point (TP-Link Omada EAP225-Outdoor AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Indoor/Out)
  2. 2. NETGEAR EX6120 WiFi Range Extender
  3. 3. TP-Link N300 Wireless Range Extender
  4. 4. WiFi Extender eero Pro 6 from Amazon
  5. 5. Rock space WiFi Range Extender 1200Mbps
  6. 6. WAVLINK AC1200 Outdoor WiFi Range Extender

TP-Link Omada Indoor/Outdoor  AC1200 Wireless EAP225-Outdoor Gigabit  Access Point

Ideal for: Power users, events, and companies

The Omada EAP225-Outside Wifi Access Point is a powerful outdoor wireless extender to make sure that all of your visitors or customers have a flawless wireless connection. It’s our top choice from networking behemoth TP-LINK. To lessen network interference and congestion, this dual-band WAP includes a 5.8GHz connection.

This wireless access point enables connections at up to 1200MBits/s and connects through Gigabit ethernet. You can anticipate a dependable internet connection on the 2.4GHz band at a range of 60 meters or 200 feet and up to 400 Mbit/s. The extension has fully waterproof 15KV ESD protection and 6KV Lightning Protection. To centrally manage numerous wireless access points, utilize the Omada app. A mesh network of Omada EAP225 devices can be utilized to give great coverage over a big complex, such as a school or university.

The Omada EAP225 is a piece of professional equipment priced reasonably at just around $75. This WiFi WAP is a strong candidate for your selection if you need an extender for your company or want to host a festival in your backyard.

NETGEAR EX6120 WiFi Range Extender

Perfect for: gardens and whole home covering

The Netgear EX1620 WiFi extender, which costs $40, provides excellent value. While the DIGITNOW is the top of the line for a separate segment of the WiFi extender market: the wireless repeater, the TP-LINK Omada is a Wireless Access Point. A wireless receiver like this one connects to your existing wireless network and “repeats” it to increase the range rather than needing a direct ethernet connection to work. In other words, all you need to do is plug it in and let it run. This is ideal if you want to upgrade your home WiFi but don’t need the sophisticated controls of WAPs.

This extender’s simplicity of usage does not compromise its effectiveness. You might have coverage for up to 1200 feet and 20 connected devices at once. You can anticipate up to 867Mbps down on the higher frequency 5GHz band with two wireless antenna bands. For the majority of home networks, you won’t even get close to maxing this out. Given that you can supply power to the area you want to link, you can buy several extenders and connect them in a daisy-chain fashion to create a mesh network.

This extender has amazing prices and provides fantastic performance, and it supports the most recent wireless standard, 802.11ac/a/b/g/n.

TP-Link N300 Wireless Range Extender

Ideal for: connecting a modest house on a tight budget

The TP-LINK N300 is the networking industry leader’s most affordable entry into the WiFi extender market. This range extender boosts the signal from your router so that it can deliver dependable WiFi throughout your house. This is a fantastic and inexpensive approach to resolve such problems if your home has dead areas or if you want to network your tiny garden. As long as you don’t want to connect a full neighborhood’s worth of devices at once, this mono-band extender will work just fine for regular use. It supports up to 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.

You may program bedtimes and schedules to, for instance, turn off the WiFi in a child’s room at night while keeping it on downstairs. Unfortunately, this extender does not support mesh networks, therefore daisy-chaining several receivers is not possible. All network extenders need to be connected to the network’s hub, which is often your wireless router.

If you’re looking for a straightforward, no-frills WiFi extender to make sure WiFi coverage in every room of your house and, depending on placement, your garden, this extender is an incredible deal for around $20.

WiFi Extender eero Pro 6 from Amazon

The brand-new, high-end WiFi extender from Amazon, the eero Pro, positions itself as the WiFi extender that satisfies all needs. The eero Pro houses a Tri-band connectivity system that aims to provide 160 sq.m of quick, dependable WiFi with support for up to gigabit speeds.

The eeroPro connects to your modem fast, and thanks to Alexa integration, you can effortlessly adjust its settings for the optimum connection. Use Alexa to, for instance, disable a user’s WiFi or set a speed cap for them. You can use an Echo smart speaker to utilize to enforce bedtimes.

If you use Amazon Alexa extensively, the eero Pro is the best choice because it constantly downloads security updates that enhance functionality and add new capabilities. Traffic is automatically routed by eero’s TrueMesh technology to prevent congestion, buffering, and connection loss.

The eero Pro is an expensive option with a starting price of a little under $200. Since receivers offer the same speeds and range for far less money, I would only suggest this if you prioritize lifespan and smart home connection over sheer performance.

Rockspace WiFi Range Extender 1200Mbps

Ideally suited for: the all-arounder, value-for-money

Another economical WiFi signal repeater that provides excellent performance at a low cost is the Rockspace WiFi Range extender. Signals can be covered by up to 1292 square feet by dual external antennas, allowing for 360-degree coverage. With a total bandwidth ceiling of 1200Mbps, this extender connects the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands using dual-band technology. This WiFi range extender can be used with any 802.11n/g/b/ac router or gateway because it is universally compatible.

The Ethernet connector on the bottom of this WiFi extender can be utilized as an AP port. This extender might become a WAP if you utilize this port to connect to your router.

Another fantastic choice for usage at home that has a tremendous range is the Rockspace WiFi range extender. This WiFi Extender would work great for you if you wish to extend your WiFi to the balcony or the garden.

WAVLINK AC1200 Outdoor WiFi Range Extender

Ideal for: Professionals, Business Owners, and Heavy Duty Users with Crazy Long Range

Meet the WAVLINK WL-WN572HG3, a high-power behemoth of a wireless access point, as our final pick on this list. Using one of these can get you a reliable WiFi signal from up to 300 yards away, thanks to a quad antenna setup that provides omnidirectional transmission. These are ideal for connecting large properties, schools, and offices. Furthermore, this WAP has the potential to cover a small forest!

WAVLINK didn’t skimp on build quality, either, with an IP-65-rated enclosure that ensures continued operation in harsh outdoor environments such as storms, snow, and even lightning. Furthermore, its dual-band repeater is capable of transmitting high-speed 5GHz connections of up to 867Mbps.

Why not broadcast live from your backyard?

The main application for this equipment is to offer “Wireless Marketing,” such as free WiFi, in public places like shopping malls or high streets. For routine use at home, the 1kW transmitting power could be excessive, but if you have a 12-acre estate, it would not be such a terrible notion. You must first route your connection to the outside because it connects over gigabit ethernet. However, sporadic internet connections will in fact be a thing of the past once you have this extender. Additionally, it costs $130 less than Amazon’s little Alexa-enabled WAP.


The ideal option for you will rely on your specific use case scenario from this selection of six excellent choices of best long-range outdoor wifi extenders at various pricing points. As long as you don’t require gigabit speeds, plugging in a repeater like the TP-LINK N300 should take care of your wireless coverage needs in a small garden. On the other hand, dedicated WAPs like the TP-LINK Omada are excellent for connecting a large number of devices at once if you run a business that needs a dependable internet connection for your customers or staff. If you’re trying to connect numerous devices that are up to 300 yards apart, such as if you’re covering a university campus, office complex, or street. 

Compared to the other options on this list, the Amazon eero Pro offers the least value for the money. Even with Alexa integration, the price is still too high considering the connectivity you receive. However, if the price is not a concern for you and you have a strong interest in smart homes or want the greatest degree of future-proofing with WiFi 6 capability, the eero might be a good choice.


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