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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Who won the most medals in Commonwealth Games 2022?


The chart displays the most gold medals since 1930, by  2022 Commonwealth Games country. Australia tops the list with 1.003, followed by England at 773, Canada at 510, India with 203, and New Zealand with 179. South Africa is listed at 137 and Scotland at 132.

What is the medal count for the Commonwealth Games?

In 1939, Australia won 178 medals and England won 176 to tie in the overall medal tally. Canada won 26 golds and 92 medals followed by India’s 22 first-place medals.

Who won the most medals in Commonwealth Games?

Australia won the gold medal at Birmingham 2022, followed by England and then Canada, who both only captured a bronze.

Ranked first in order of gold medals won

  • 51 Seychelles. …
  • 52 Rhodesia and Nyasaland. …
  • 53 Dominica. …
  • 54 Malta. …
  • 55 Swaziland. …
  • 56 The Gambia. …
  • 57 Ireland. Silver 1. …
  • 61 Norfolk Island. Bronze 2.

In which country will the 2022 Commonwealth Games be held?

Birmingham, UK

The organizers of the just concluded 22nd Commonwealth in Birmingham, UK deserve high praise for delivering an event that proved to be a triumph of art, cultural glory, multi-sports (diversity), and remarkable diversity.

Who hosts the next Commonwealth Games?

2026 Commonwealth Games

Interim Logo of the 2026 Commonwealth Games
Host city State of Victoria (Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Gippsland), Australia
Nations participating 74 commonwealth nations (expected)
Athletes participating 5,000
Opening ceremony 17 March 2026



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