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When and how did berlin fashion week start?

A fashion event called Berlin Fashion Week (Berliner Modewoche) occurs twice a year in Berlin, Germany (in January and July). Due to its many great young designers who are thriving…

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How to get into bitlife’s fashion design community

When you graduate from college, you can select Junior fashion design from the list of full-time positions under the Occupation heading. Resetting the BitLife app and trying again until Jr. Fashion…

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BTS Clothes: The Many Ways K-Pop Stars Dress Up

BTS has always been known for its sense of fashion. They’ve also changed it numerous times, emphasizing edgy looks and classy looks throughout their career. BTS clothes come in various…

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Model Behavior: A Rising Tribal Trek to Fashion Week

Indigenous designers have always been a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. After all, their unique perspective and style can often be difficult to replicate even by…

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