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What is Universal Health Care?

Universal health care, also known as single-payer healthcare, is a healthcare system where all citizens are covered by one government plan, regardless of their income or location. Proponents of universal…

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Weight lose is a big problem now a day. Most of the people facing this problem. Losing weight is an important goal for everyone, and there are many different ways…

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Flood causes an increase in infectious diseases

Flood infectious diseases can cause devastating damage to infrastructure, homes, and lives. The infection is caused by a bacteria called Leptospira. This bacteria is found in water and soil contaminated…

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What is leg tuck (Army combat fitness test)?

The Army Combat Fitness Test is the evaluation of the physical domain of the Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness System. An age and gender performance-normed scoring scale will be used…

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Latest news Due to the flood situation, Over the preceding 24 hours, 49 deaths were reported, the majority of which occurred in Sindh, bringing the total death toll to 777…

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