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Commitment to Foundational Learning Action

 The UN Secretary-General is hosting the Transforming Education Summit (TES) on September 19 during the 77th UN General Assembly to promote peace, tolerance, human rights, and sustainable development.Foundational Learning

The Summit aims to mobilize political ambition, action, solutions, and solidarity to transform education, take stock of pandemic-related learning losses, reimagine education systems for today and tomorrow, and revitalize national and global efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 on quality education.

As we approach the Transforming Education Summit, countries are encouraged to accept the Commitment to Action on Foundational Learning to help all children, including the most marginalized, reach their full potential and participate in society.

Learning poverty affects about six-in-ten children worldwide, meaning they cannot read and understand a simple text by the age of ten. Seven-out-of-ten children in low- and middle-income countries. Pandemic-induced learning crisis.

Children who can’t read will struggle in school. They repeat grades and drop out more. Training and skills programs benefit them less. This will worsen national health, youth unemployment, and poverty. Foundational learning empowers all children.

Foundational learning is the cornerstone for all other learning, knowledge, and higher-order skills, according to the (CtA).

It is a formal approach for countries and the global education community to show political commitment to foundational learning for all children and to develop policies that will assist accomplish SDG4 targets.

The Commitment to Action is open to global education leaders, civil society, and youth organizations. The first draught was approved during the June 2022 TES Pre-Summit in Paris.


National governments and supporting organizations should send a letter to foundational.learning@unicef.org to endorse the Commitment to Action. Endorsement letters should include an official representative’s contact information and information on how the endorsing party will implement and advance the Commitment to Action.

A Vow to Take Action:

To transform education, make sure that the fundamentals are taught.

  • Low learning levels are a barrier that kids must overcome.

  • The pandemic exacerbated the pre-COVID learning problem. Six out of ten children worldwide are learning poor, unable to read and understand a simple paragraph by age 10.
  • Why foundational education is essential

  • The percentage of ten-year-olds who cannot read is an indicator of education quality. Foundational learning[1] is the foundation for all other learning, knowledge, and higher-order abilities children and teens need to acquire through schooling.
  • All youngsters must have a solid educational foundation if they are to fulfill their potential and contribute to society.
  • Access to basic knowledge fosters inclusive growth, gender equality, national cohesion, peace, prosperity, and other Sustainable Development Goals.
  • A commitment to action to transform education through basic learning

  • To ensure all children, including the most marginalised, receive basic education to fulfil their full potential, we will act immediately.
  • Half the world’s children won’t be able to read by age 10 by 2030.Each nation must meet SDG 4 targets.
  • We will enroll all children and keep them in school, especially marginalized girls; increase access to remedial and catch-up learning and teach children at their current learning levels; support teachers and give them the tools they need; and support the health, nutrition, and psycho-social well-being of every teacher and child.
  • We’ll close the school resource gap and enable investments, using technologies and other reforms, to promote foundational learning.


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