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Coronavirus: It looks like China's hospitals are getting full - WHO

The WHO reports that Chinese hospitals are filling up over fears of a new Coronavirus pandemic.

ICUs are busy, according to Despite assertions from officials that patient enrollment is “very modest,” Dr. Michael Ryan

There is doubt about the true impact of the sickness, despite China’s official statistics showing no Covid deaths on Wednesday.

As the latest Covid surge strikes China, hospitals in Beijing and other places have been overflowing recently.

As part of its zero-covid strategy, China has placed severe health regulations since 2020.

The administration, however, stopped most of those actions two weeks ago in response to record protests against the stringent regulations.

The number of instances has increased, increasing concerns about elderly mortality.

Despite the rise, according to the official figures, only five people died from Covid on Tuesday and two on Monday.

Dr. Ryan has urged China to give more information about the virus’s new expansion.

According to what I’ve heard, China has very few ICU cases, yet ICUs are filling up.

We’ve stressed for weeks that this highly infectious virus will always be hard to eliminate with public health and societal measures.

“I’m concerned over the evolving situation in China,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a Geneva press conference.

He begged for specific details regarding the sickness’ severity, hospital admissions, and the requirement for specialized care.

Dr. Ryan pointed out that vaccination is the most effective strategy to stop coronavirus epidemics.

China’s proprietary vaccines are less efficient at preventing major COVID-19 sickness and death than the mRNA vaccines used worldwide.

On Wednesday, the German government gave China its first BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines.

The first group to receive the German immunizations will be the 20,000 or so ex-pats living in China, according to estimates.

No details have been provided about the delivery of China’s first overseas Covid-19 vaccination.

In Beijing last month, Chancellor Olaf Scholz advocated for Chinese citizens to receive the vaccine for free. 


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