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Donald Trump will face charges following the Capitol riot, according to reports.

Last year’s Capitol riot congressional inquiry will recommend three criminal charges against former President Donald Trump.

US media report that the House of Representatives select committee will charge a former US president with insurrection.

The following week is when the panel’s final report is expected to be made public.

To prevent Joe Biden’s election as president, Donald Trump supporters stormed Congress on January 6, 2021.

The justice department is already investigating Mr.Donald Trump’s role in the unrest, so congressional referrals are not required.

Mr. Trump claims innocence. Steven Cheung, his spokesman, said Friday, “The January 6th un-Select Committee held show trials by Never Trump partisans who are a stain on this country’s history.”

On Monday, the select committee will meet for the last time and present any charging recommendations.

According to various outlets, the panel will recommend charging Mr.Donald Trump with insurrection, obstructing an official proceeding, and conspiracy to defraud the US.

The nine panelists will submit the eight-chapter report to the Department of Justice after interviewing over 1,000 witnesses (DoJ).

Mississippi Democrat and select committee chairman Bennie Thompson said the full report will be released on Wednesday.

“We’ve been very careful in crafting these [charging] recommendations and tethering them to the facts that we’ve uncovered,” California congresswoman Zoe Lofgren told CNN on Friday.

The House select committee claims Mr. Trump falsely claimed the 2020 presidential election was stolen before pressuring state officials, the justice department, and his vice-president to help him win. He incited the Capitol riot, according to the panel, to maintain his hold on power.

The actions of the then-Republican president about the riot are already the subject of a DoJ investigation.

The House impeached Mr. Trump again for inciting insurrection seven days after the congressional raid.

The US Senate exonerated The only president to be twice impeached is Mr. Trump.

Last month, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a former war crimes prosecutor to decide whether to prosecute Mr. Trump.

Jack Smith must decide whether to try the 2024 presidential candidate for mishandling sensitive material uncovered during an FBI raid of Mr. Trump’s Florida estate in August or for instigating the violent mob on 6 January 2021.

In connection with the widespread infiltration of Congress, hundreds of persons have been accused of crimes.

The Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes and Capitol breacher Doug Jensen are among the condemned.


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