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During the Ukraine war, Russian missile strikes caused power shortages.

According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, following Monday’s Russian missile attacks, Ukraine is moving toward an emergency shutdown to stabilize its electrical grid.

According to his allegations that many areas were affected, local officials issued a warning that over half of Kyiv will be without electricity in the next few days.

The attacks on Monday resulted in the deaths of four persons.

More missiles struck important infrastructure near the southern city of Zaporizhia overnight, according to officials.

An oil storage tank caught fire after a drone attack on an airport, according to the governor of Russia’s Kursk region on Tuesday.

Flames and dense black smoke billowed from the location, according to a video shared online.

According to Roman Starvet, despite the fact that two local schools were closed for the day, no casualties were reported. He made no mention of the prospective attackers in the Ukraine-bordering region.

By Tuesday evening, the energy minister in Ukraine said he intended to drastically lessen the power shortage brought on by the most recent Russian strikes and restart nuclear power stations.

Millions of people lack access to electricity and running water as the nation is currently experiencing snowfall and subzero temperatures in several areas. There could be a lot of hypothermia-related deaths.

Zelensky announced late Monday night that the majority of the 70 Russian missiles launched on Monday had been destroyed.

The 17 targets were all struck, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, “using very accurate weapons during its huge onslaught.”

The majority of shutdowns, according to Mr. Zelenskyi, are located in the areas of Vinetsia, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Khmelnytskyi, and Cherkasy, which span the length and breadth of the nation.

He did, however, promise that the government will “do everything to restore stability.”

The president of Ukraine asserted that Russia’s actions “are a threat not only to Ukraine but to our entire area” because they have also affected Moldova, a neighboring country.

The attacks on Monday marked Russia’s ninth significant missile strike in the previous eight weeks and came after days of consistent indications that Moscow was preparing a fresh assault.

After a series of explosions at two military airfields deep inside Russia, which Moscow attributed to Ukrainian drones intercepted by Russian air defenses, the assault eventually arrived only hours later.

The Ryazan and Saratov districts’ airfields, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, resulted in the deaths of three soldiers and significant damage to two aircraft. Ukraine has made no public statements on the topic.

Both airports have been the base for Russian strategic bombers since Moscow’s all-out invasion of Ukraine on February 24. They are hundreds of kilometers away from the Ukrainian border

President Vladimir Putin presided over the Security Council meeting of Russia on Tuesday, which usually occurs on Fridays.

The Kremlin leader stated during a clip of his opening statement that the meeting’s subject would be state security.

Russia attributed the strikes on two airports to Ukraine.

Before the most recent Russian strikes, Kyiv’s officials discussed switching from highly disruptive emergency blackouts, which frequently last for several hours, to more controllable scheduled power outages that largely save residents harm. The demand for forecasting from

Since October 10, Moscow has been systematically destroying Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure as a result of severe military defeats.

Because of the extensive damage to civilian infrastructure, several Western politicians have labeled the tactic a war crime.

According to experts interviewed by the BBC, Russia’s strategy of attacking electricity infrastructure is probably intended more to scare and demoralize the populace than to gain any real military advantage.

Moscow has always refuted the claims.


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