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Following the Joe Lycett farce, David Beckham has finally spoken about the World Cup scandal.
 Following comedian Joe Lycett’s money-shredding stunt, David Beckham commented on his participation in the contentious Qatar World Cup.

The former great footballer believes that the fact that “discussion about major issues has been spurred” as a result of the World Cup being held in the nation, may be seen as a good thing.

To record his protest, Lycell destroyed a phony £10,000 on his show while pushing Beckham to back out of his $10 million World Cup commitment because homosexuality is against the law in the host nation.

After constantly asking the sports star to comment on the matter, the comedian finally got a statement from Beckham, which was then read on a special episode of his show Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back.

David has participated in several World Cups and other significant international competitions as a player and an ambassador, and according to Beckham, He has consistently thought that sport can be a positive influence on the world.

“Football, the world’s most popular sport, has a tremendous power to bring people together and make a real contribution to communities,” according to the statement.

“We recognize that there are many strongly held viewpoints about engagement in the Middle East, but we believe it is fortunate that discussion of the basic issues has been triggered directly by the region’s first World Cup,” the statement states.

“We hope that these debates will lead to more empathy and compassion for all individuals, as well as progress,” it continued.


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