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How to get into bitlife's fashion design community

When you graduate from college, you can select Junior fashion design from the list of full-time positions under the Occupation heading. Resetting the BitLife app and trying again until Jr. Fashion Designer appears on the list will sometimes help if you don’t see this position on the list.

How can I join BitLife as a designer?

For complete clarity, fans may locate the option to apply to university on the Occupation tab’s Education section. During this application procedure, BitLife gamers will be asked to choose a major, and it is advised that they choose Graphic Designer.

In BitLife, how do I learn about fashion?

By selecting the “Study Harder” option and making frequent trips to the library, you can increase the intelligence of your BitLife character while they are in school. Select the Graphic Designer major when it comes time to send your character to college (under the Occupation tab’s Education section).

In BitLife, what do you study to become a fashion designer?

All you actually need to do to pursue a career as fashion design is complete high school and enroll in college. I choose to major in graphic design, but anything in the arts should be acceptable. Once you have graduated, you can begin browsing the job listings for the Jr. Fashion Designer choice.

How may one obtain exceptional positions in BitLife?

To get a Special Career in BitLife, you must choose the last option, Special Careers. After selecting the option, you have access to more than six different Special Careers. To obtain work, you must follow unique procedures for each Special Career.

What professions in BitLife can make you famous?

Characters can now become famous by working as a model, writers, game developers, actors or actresses, musicians, reporters, social media influencers, or professional athletes, among other professions. You can gain popularity by belonging to a royal family.

What position in BitLife has the highest salary?

Lead Actor or Singer are the two positions in BitLife with the greatest salaries. Both of these professions grant you the renowned bar, which can be used to acquire large sums of money.


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