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Morocco became the "Rocky" of the World Cup 2022 after defeating Portugal.

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Three African teams had previously reached the competition’s quarterfinal of the World Cup, but none had been able to move further.

This time, things were unique.

Morocco‘s brilliant World Cup performance earned them a spot in the semi-finals, becoming the first African team to do so.

Youssef N Neisseri’s first-half header gave the Atlas Lions a comeback after Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal were eliminated.

Walid Regragai, the winning team’s manager, said, “We are becoming a team that everyone loves because we show what we can do.”

“You can succeed at something if you put your heart, soul, and trust into it, and that’s what my guys have done. We defeated Portugal, Spain, and Belgium, despite what some Europeans may claim. They lost to Croatia and tied the game. This is what perseverance brings.

“African and Arab teams worked hard, but ours made our people proud.” The continent rejoices. When you watch Rocky Balboa, you feel compelled to support him, and our team is the world champion. Cups are rugged.”

Morocco won the quarterfinals at Al Thamma Stadium after Cameroon (1990), Senegal (2002), and Ghana (2010) failed.

The visiting fans cheered as the substitutes came in at full-time after the Portuguese whistled every touch of the ball.

“Watcher, watcher, (go, go),” the crowd chanted. Others sang, “Dima Maghreb” (Morocco always).

His players waved to their boss, Regargai, who orchestrated the run, before charging their supporters behind the goal, weapons in hand.

“The noise in this stadium is incredible,” former Scotland winger Pat Niven told BBC Radio 5 Live. I’m trying to remember another World Cup shock.

They earn it not only for their talent and hard work but also for the growing buzz.

Morocco became the first African and Muslim-majority Arab team to reach the last four in world football’s greatest championship.

In the previous round, the players recited Quranic verses in their huddle before beating Spain on penalties.

The players and staff bowed to their supporters following the victory over Portugal, just as they had done back then.

After beating Portugal, the players and staff saluted their fans.

After such a significant victory, Regragui was among the last players to leave the field.

He and goalkeeper Bono were hailed again in the post-match press conference, claiming that his squad “alhamdulillah (thanks to God)” had a chance to win the World Cup and that the world was now Morocco. “Inshallah (God willing)”

“I’ve never sobbed after a match,” he said. You can only take so much at a time, though.

“After reaching the World Cup semi-finals, emotions surfaced. I didn’t think we’d get there, I couldn’t keep back the tears.”

The match’s MVP, Moroccan goalie Yassine Bono, remarked, “We are here to transform our mindset and eliminate our inferiority problem.” Morocco to compete in the semi-finals and everyone else outside of the world.

We changed people’s perspectives, and now people will see that Moroccan players can make miracles happen.

“My players are great. Morocco is now known for its high-level play.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, cried as he walked down the tunnel full-time, knowing he could win the World Cup.


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