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US winter storm kills dozens; big freeze grips North America

At this point, at least 38 deaths have been attributed to a severe Arctic freeze winter storm that continues to pound the United States and Canada.

Officials report that 34 people died across the United States, with Buffalo, New York, being the hardest-hit city.

In British Columbia’s Merritt, a bus rolled over on an icy road, killing four people.

Forecasters say the storm will calm down in the next few days, but people should only travel if they have to.

The winter storm has been wreaking havoc for several days, but the power has been back on for good now.

The Associated Press reported 200,000 customers without electricity on Sunday afternoon EDT, down from 1.7 million.

Thousands of flights have been canceled, preventing many individuals from spending Christmas with their families.

On Sunday, about 55 million Americans were under a wind chill advisory.

It has been challenging to travel around the US because of the “bomb cyclone” winter storm, which occurs when the air pressure lowers and produces heavy snowfall and powerful winds.

Kathy Hochul, who grew up in Buffalo and is now the governor of New York State, stated, “This will be Buffalo’s worst storm in recorded history.”

“It’s like entering a battle zone, and the abandoned cars are awful,” she told reporters on Sunday evening.

She said that people in the area should stay inside because the situation is still “very dangerous and life-threatening.”

Some of the people who died in Erie County were found dead in their cars or on snow banks.

There were storm-related fatalities in Vermont, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Colorado as well. South Florida’s temperature became so chilly that iguanas froze and fell out of trees.

The cold is worst in the western US state of Montana, where temperatures have dropped to -50F. (-45C).

In Canada, Ontario and Quebec are experiencing the brunt of the storm.

On Sunday, nearly 120,000 clients in Quebec were without power. Officials estimate that reconnecting some families might take days.


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