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where can a vet technology work?

Vet technology is in high demand, and with good reason. They work in many different settings, from small animal clinics to large animal hospitals. If you want to be a vet tech, there are a few things you need to know. In this article, we will discuss the different types of vet tech jobs and what you need to do to get started.

Types of vet tech jobs

There are a variety of different vet tech jobs out there, and each one offers its own set of benefits and opportunities. Some common types of vet tech jobs include animal rehabilitation technician, veterinary assistant, veterinary technologist, and veterinary instrument technician.

Requirements for vet tech jobs

A veterinary technician is a required position in many veterinary hospitals. Requirements for this profession vary, but typically a veterinary technician must have a high school diploma or a GED, be proficient in computers, and have experience working with animals. Some hospitals also require certification from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in veterinary technology.

Veterinary technicians typically work in reception areas, on small animal wards, and in surgery. They may also work in research laboratories or perform administrative duties. Most veterinary technicians earn between $10 and $20 per hour.

Work locations for vet tech jobs

A vet tech can work in many different locations, depending on their qualifications and experience. Some common places to find a vet tech job include veterinary hospitals, clinics, research labs, manufacturing plants, and animal shelters.

The best states for vet tech jobs

Some of the best states for vet tech jobs are Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. These states have a high demand for veterinary technicians, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for vet techs to find good jobs. In addition, these states have a strong economy, which means that there is plenty of opportunities for vet techs to earn a good salary.



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